There are several humanitarians who take care of the needs of various people. Many people have started to develop organizations and communities in order to support the people in need.

The humanitarians behind

In the case of mariyam dawood and Bashir Dawood, they give more importance to the basic needs of the people. All the primary needs like the health care, education and food are given the utmost importance as everyone needs these for survival. To continue their work, the YMCA project bridge youth center got together with them in order to give an experience for the underprivileged youth. They were given a chance to witness and be at the racing event which is the Formula One. Around 15 youths were in place to see this event. After this, they were also provided with an excellent experience of a mouth watering buffet.

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The experience of a lifetime

By going on this trip, all the youth who took part in it got to have a wonderful experience which they otherwise would not have. They even got to witness a magic show after the event. The buffet given to these teens were amazing and they got to make a day out of it. The entire day was amazing for them as they got to see several fast cars and they were lucky enough to experience some good food. The whole day and night comprised of several events and tasty food, which made these young adults very happy.