Gel nail treatment is a nail enhancement process that involves placing a coat over nail in order. This treatment helps girls with nice nails to grow them without breaking or chipping. Another advantage is that you do not need to file down the nail so as to use the gel top coat. Here you have to set the coat on top of the nail bed which saves you time. It is also safe for you. The nails can be Applied like acrylics they are durable and shiny. Along with this, they are flexible and lightweight which makes sure that you are comfortable wearing them. During the application Process, there is. The time is brief as everything you need is to expose the nails to sunlight for a couple of minutes and you will have the nails of your dreams.

Well Shaped Nails

The time that is drying ensures you have your nails done and you go on with other activities. By way of instance, you can have the nails done and after visit the office. If you do not have the Abilities you want to see a gel nail technician that will use the nails on you. For You to Have great looks there are a number of thoughts that you need to put into account: Dried flowers: you Need to begin with a bendable nail shape and fit it esmaltado semipermanente With a softly nail gel, you stretch it out to make length and need to use the plan. You should cure the gel under UV lamb for around ten seconds and then add flower dried on your pattern that is preferred. For an ideal appearance, you should apply another layer of gel and fix it.

Color changing gels: These add impact to the nails and because of this you’ve got perfect looking nails. To get the gel you will need to employ a colored base coat to your nail then fix it. You should apply a coating of color gel over the foundation and fix it. You should add your style and dried flowers, decals, or a few jewels. You need to use a document to shape the nail to your style that is preferred. . If the enamel stays onto the nails it, for a time weakens the feel of the nails and makes them become weak. Document your nails gently. Move the document along the edge of the nail, and move in 1 direction to reduce cracking and splitting In case you’ve got sensitive skin, you need to pick hypoallergenic and unscented nail polishes there are a few basic facts which you can bear in mind when applying nail polish.